Build smart e-money applications on blockchain

IoCash is a B2B platform

that enables companies and their users to work with fiat money on blockchain. Using the ethereum blockchain capabilities, and plugging into the traditional monetary system, we are making it possible for the real world to work with this amazing technology and its capabilities. Our clients can define and implement businesses and money based rules natively.

How it works

IoCash is easy to use for clients and their users:

  • Users open an account on the client app. They can import their own ethereum address or have one generated by the app.
  • Via the client app the user account is created on ioCash, which associates a real IBAN number to the user ethereum address.
  • Users go through all the regulatory identification processes to be able to operate legally.
  • Users can now easily fund their wallets through a SEPA transfer or credit card, just like a traditional bank account.
  • Now users can operate with their fiat money directly through their ethereum accounts.


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Secure and regulated

ioCash is built according to the most strict bank security guidelines, with blockchain technology providing an extra layer of security for users. IoCash works under a fully regulated Electronic Money Licence, and follows the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) European regulations for users, to assess and mitigate potential risks.

Ethereum Based

IoCash is based on Ethereum technology and works with an enhanced ERC-20 standard.

The platform makes it possible to interact with real fiat electronic money directly from the Smart Contract, and can be deployed in any ethereum network, including Public, Private or Permissioned based.

The enhanced ERC-20 includes advanced features such as governance and compliance verification systems, making it possible to legally operate fiat money natively on the blokchain.

Ethereum based

What’s included in IoCash

Smart Contracts + API platform

Smart Contracts + API access to all modules and functionalities. Comprehensive developer portal with detailed documentation and all that developers need to start building.

Regulation as a Service

IoCash operates under an Electronic Money License compliant with European regulations such as KYC or AML. We cover all the regulatory needs for using e-money.


Administration panel where clients have access to all the management, monitoring and analytics functionalities of their applications.

Tech Support

Ticketing system and full technical support for development and troubleshooting. We are here to boost up your business.

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Product features

For businesses

Building on IoCash gives access to all the system functionalities and more:

  • Regulated EME licensed operations
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Complete API documentation
  • KYC/AML compliant identification
  • Fiat money tokenization
  • Blockchain operations traceability

For users

Through our business clients applications, they can get access to:

  • 1-to-1 association between an ethereum address and an IBAN
  • Possibility of importing an already existing ethereum address
  • Easy top-up by SEPA transfer or credit card
  • SEPA transfer to any IBAN account
  • P2P instant transfers among ethereum accounts
  • Multi-Signature wallets

Use Cases and Industries

International trade

Smart contracts can establish payment release triggers on certain conditions, such as the receivement of goods, the QC test results, etc.


Payments can be set to be held until the ordered goods are received in good conditions at a certain time. At that moment the money that was held on the buyers wallet is released and sent to the retailer.

Legal disputes

Conditions can be set to be automatically triggered when a payment is received, assuring both parts that the contract conditions are met without the need of a third party.

Tradeable financial assets

With Atomic Swaps, the trade of a security can be set to be released at the very same time a payment is received, assuring both parts that the contract conditions are met without the need of a third party.


Conditions can be set so that funds are released only when the hard cap is reached, and only to the accounts described in the crowdfunding campaign.

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