Connecting traditional money and the future of fintech

Our Vision

We have a clear vision: Making fiat money work on blockchain technology, and making it easy for businesses to build their solutions with it. This is a total game changer that opens scenarios that were never possible before, with huge benefits for both new and traditional businesses. By enabling the use of fiat money directly through blockchain accounts, we provide our clients with a platform where they can easily build their financial applications. IoCash connects the world of traditional money with the future of fintech.

About Us

ioCash is a new platform willing to disrupt the fintech and open banking market. Our team has wide experience in fintech, regulation, e-money and blockchain. We are fully backed up by ioBuilders, a blockchain venture builder in the financial industry, that has taken care of the development of the entire platform as of today.

  • We are based in Madrid.
  • We are open to new investors that want to become part of the new digital economy.

Electronic Money Licence

IoCash operates under a regulated Electronic Money Licence as an Agent of SEFIDE -our Electronic Money Licence Provider-. The Electronic Money Entity Agent regulatory framework is established by the Law 21/2011 -of July 26- about electronic money, as well as the Royal Decree 778/2012 -of May 4- of the legal regime of electronic money entities.

SEFIDE is an electronic money entity authorized by the Bank of Spain (August 19, 2014) that is authorized to resolve payments with digital money. It has the capacity to issue electronic money and payment processing, allowing for secure independent payments.

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