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IoCash is the world´s first B2B platform that makes it possible to operate with traditional money directly on blockchain. With ioCash, you can build applications in which your users create accounts that operate seamlessly between the traditional banking system and blockchain, using fiat money for all kind of blockchain transactions.

Endless possibilities

Legal e-money on blockchain opens a myriad of possibilities, both for blockchain companies/products that need to use fiat money on their solutions, and for traditional enterprises that are looking to tap into the potential of the technology.

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  • International trade
  • E-commerce
  • Legal disputes
  • Tradeable Financial Assets
  • Crowdfunding
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Blockchain open banking

Full interoperatibility between blockchain and the traditional monetary system. Real money with all the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

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Legally compliant

Working under an Electronic Money European licence (soon USA), all money in ioCash is fully regulated and legally compliant. Just like in your bank account.

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Smart Money

Levering the power of Smart Contracts and an enhanced Ethereum ERC-20 standard, the platform enables programmable money and complex payment conditions.

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Developers welcome

Get access to the API + Smart Contracts Documentation Portal. Made by developers, for developers.

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